The Discovery

We found out that the caterpillar of the moth Galleria mellonella can degrade Polyethylene within 1 hour from the contact. 

The larva (or caterpillar) of the the larva of the moth Galleria mellonella

The larva (or caterpillar) of the moth Galleria mellonella

Image credit: Cesar Hernandez/CSIC


After being in contact with the wax worm for less than an hour, the plastic bag is full of holes

Image credit: Cesar Hernandez/CSIC

The worm habitat is the honeycomb, where it feeds on wax, hence the common name wax worm. Wax is a natural polymer.


It is made of a mixture of complex molecules but they similarities with
plastics, and with its long repetition of the Ch2-Ch2 bond

In this new light, it is comprehensible how these worms evolved a mechanism to break this chemical bond. What are the molecular details of the reaction? We do not know and this is exactly what we want to find out.

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